Nesters Market Potatoes

I recently went to the Nesters Market on Abbott Street to check if there were any new Kettle Chips flavours. Alas, there were none. So, the natural progression I take from potato chips is to its primitive state: raw potatoes.

I’d say that Nesters is one of the most well-stocked grocery stores I’ve been to. It’s the type of market that customers feel compelled to not just leave a star rating, but write paragraphs on Yelp.


Attraction and Appearance: 8/10 

Judging by the potato section alone, Nesters puts a lot of care into systematising the place. If Nesters were a person, it’d be one of those students that writes down every detail of every upcoming event into their agenda, and colour coordinates them by highlighter and sticky notes. They’re the type to use white-out, instead of crossing pen marks off.
Perfection of appearance is key in order to be effective.
The lighting is nicely hitting their curves. The potatoes are somehow arranged stylistically in piles, and separated by plastic walls that reflect their radiant bodies.

Quality: 7/10

Most of the potatoes look like healthy potatoes: they’re rough, and have some dips and wrinkles like all beautiful beings. Though of course, there were the occasional bruised and mushy ones.

Taste: ???

I didn’t buy them, so I don’t know.
They looked like they’d make an 8/10 mash.



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