Safeway Potato Wedges

Safeway wedges: one of my go-to cut and baked potatoes.

I’ve been having these fries for years now. When Safeway had their potato wedges & potato salad & whole chicken & buns all-in-one deal a while back, my family had it at least once a month.

  • Accessible at all Safeway markets.
  • Crispy, baked potato exterior, hot and fluffy interior.
  • Seasoned well with a nice peppery finish.

These particular ones kind of tasted stale, as we got the last bunch from the pile. It was nice and toasty though, since those stud spuds chill under heat lamps all day.

This entire bag was only $2.01, and it made two hungry people very very happy.

Safeway potato wedges: 8/10

Safeway potato wedges eaten at a picnic: 10/10
I also stuffed a wedge in between my ham and cheese sandwich: 8.2/10




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