Not my “Jerk-y” Review

Should I have any reason to travel to Toronto just to eat at this Caribbean restaurant, Jerk Spot, it would be from the influence of this one impassioned Yelp review:


I mean, how he speaks with hateful vehemence in this review is enough to persuade me to at least try a taster of the “shitty little piece of bread” he later on describes. The analogies and appropriate placements of inappropriate content make his review like an advertisement for a horror movie: “THE IMAGES WILL HAUNT YOU AFTER YOU TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!” or “THIS SCAREFEST WILL HAVE YOU RUNNING OUT THE THEATRE!”, but his comments instead are




The reviews, really, should scare you away– but aren’t you at the same time tempted to experience what’s being advertised as a show or meal to test your limits?

Anyway, I never went to Jerk Spot, and apparently   JeffReviewYelp5, which is just hilarious.

I give this review a









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