Not my “Basil Pasta Bar” Review

Disclaimer: this was from a while ago, but I recently came across this screenshot and thought it was relevant. 

Whenever my friends and I are debating on where to go for a meal, pasta is always an option. Different restaurants and types of food will be thrown into the list, but “pasta” will almost always be in the top three.

One afternoon, my brother and I were deciding on a place to eat at.
“No, why even? Like, we could just eat at home then.”
And as I’ve mentioned before, we ended up settling on pasta. Browsing through Urbanspoon’s list of “Best pasta places around my area”, Basil Pasta Bar popped up. And while reading the most recent reviews, I came across this:


Intrigued by the reviewer’s evident experience as an, I assumed, expert food critic, I searched up his critiques on other local restaurants.


I think he means Eggs Benedict, but I like to think that he’s complimenting a friendly man named Ben for his affordable, amazing eggs.


This… I don’t know. For context, he was reviewing a Japanese restaurant, and possibly subtly slipping in the fact that his fashion sense is of the above-Walmart standards.

Needless to say, my brother and I got a good pre-lunch ab work out from all the laughter, and didn’t go to Basil Pasta Bar. I give this Not-My-Review review a



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